5 interesting ways to display City Map wall art

5 interesting ways to display City Map wall art

City maps remain the most versatile wall art for modern homes or offices. Showing off lines and contours of your favorite city, the wall art features minimal aesthetics.

The maps - Delightful Cities  Collection - are finished off with a striking black and white combo to serve as a trendy decor for any corner of your home.

Beyond a decorative element, city maps can serve as a meaningful addition to your home. It can recall precious memories of your birthplace or favorite travel destination to add depth and nostalgia to your home.

So the wall art can enable you to create one of a kind display for your home or office. Following are some creative ways to personalize your city maps to ultimately elevate the experience and style quotient of your home.

Arrange a personalized wall art gallery with city maps

City maps tend to be a subtle yet effective way to connect with memories of the past. You can dedicate an entire space to these memories by creating a personalized gallery wall.

So next time if you are paying tribute to your birthplace put these maps on display along with some cherished memories. You can combine it with your childhood photographs and pictures of iconic landmarks to create a cohesive and powerful display.

This fusion gallery wall also works well to highlight your travel memories. If you are not sure how will your travel gallery wall connect with the surrounding, then city maps provide the perfect solution.

It can ground your display both conceptually and visually to add to the experience and ambiance of your home.

Create a journey along your stairway

Looking for an ideal place to display your city maps, then we have the perfect solution. The stairway can serve as one of the best places to show off your collection of city maps. In many homes, a stairwell may be a blank or empty space that truly lacks personality. So breathe life into your stairway with city map wall decor.

You can utilize the entire space both vertically and horizontally to vouch for the most dynamic display. Mix it with different quotes and photographs, to reveal an entire story.

So that each time you go up or down the stairs, you have the opportunity to travel to one of the best times of your life. City maps displayed along your stairway truly have the potential to transform your everyday experience.

Combine the wall art with your favorite collectibles

There is no rule that asks you to align print wall art with only photographs or 2D artwork. In fact, you can create an utterly unique and modern display by combining your city maps with some treasured collectibles, souvenirs, and your favorite decor items.

All you need is to find a shelf, sideboard, or mantelpiece where you can wall art can sit, leaning against the wall to vouch for a dramatic display. So the idea works perfectly for individuals who do not want to put a nail in the walls.

It is advisable to opt for large wall art prints that can instantly make a design statement. Lastly, arrange your city maps and other accessories in odd numbers to attain a modern and eye-catching grouping.

Los Angeles Delightful Cities Collection Wall Art

Our interpretation of the map of the city of Los Angeles.

Lean your city map on the floor

Another unconventional and fun way to display your city wall maps is to simply place it on the floor. As opposed to formal wall art hanging on the wall, leaning your city maps upon the floor can instantly vouch for a laid-back and casual look.

It is a perfect option for informal living rooms, especially one that enjoys floor sitting. The wall art serves as a more artsy display where placing the wall art below your eye level, can completely transform the experience of the art print.

It is important to note that a small wall art could easily diminish in the surrounding, so opt for a large print that can make a design statement. You can also overlap a few city maps in different sizes for a contemporary arrangement.

Again, it serves as a flexible and informal display where you can definitely have some fun and play around with the exclusive collection of city maps.

Adorn the surface of your table with city maps

If you are feeling adventurous and want to do something out of the box, then we have the perfect idea for you as well. Your city map prints can actually be used as a tabletop.

It can adorn the bare surface of your end table, nightstands, and console to serve as a unique and charming detail. Just place a glass cover to secure your print and you have an exclusive way to highlight your city maps.

It can add a fun and playful touch to a kid’s nightstand, gaming board, or even your desk. If you possess the technical expertise you can even combine a number of city map prints to serve as your conference tabletop.

The trendy display can certainly add a modern and sophisticated touch to your office.


City map decor gives you the ultimate freedom to explore different combinations and arrangements. The minimal yet versatile display can fit in anywhere or work together with any combo.

So don't be afraid to experiment and play around with your city map collection. You can personalize the decor to attain maximum impact. Arrange it together with photographs and your favorite collectibles to recall memories and reveal some interesting stories.

Lastly, find a creative way to display your city map print art. It can lean upon your console, shelves, ledges, or even floor to sever as a powerful display. So engage and captivate your viewers with an artsy display of your city map collection.

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